New Village Excerpts

New Village Book Cover (Kindle edition)
New Village Book Cover (Kindle edition)

The stories in New Village, set mainly during the late fifties to the mid-seventies in Saint Lucia, explode with all the color, sound, and enthralling pace of a typical Creole, Caribbean suburban community.

A group of community people conducts its own paternity test to determine which one of two boys had impregnated one of the community’s girls (Paternity Test). Three boys rebel against their parents, and their rebellion brings them face-to-face with a dark reality they didn’t know existed (Ashby, Baby Ras, and Talker). A man, and two adolescents encounter supernatural forces associated with obeah or voodoo practices (The Devil and New Village). These three snapshots of life from the New Village community, expose some of the numerous human and other interactions that gave social and cultural character to the community.

New Village, with its humorous and sometimes dark portrayal of island community life, bares the intimate details of real people whose deeds became part of their community’s mystique. It will appeal not only to Caribbean people in the region and the wider Caribbean Diaspora, but also to non-Caribbean people who recognize that we are all bound by the common thread of humanity.

Author’s note: “New Village” was launched on Amazon (kindle edition) in April, 2015


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Sharing my stories with the world. Most of these stories reflect Saint Lucian/Caribbean experiences