House of Tears Excerpts

House of Tears book cover
House of Tears book cover

House of Tears, a novella of Caribbean fiction, depicts a woman’s painful journey from childhood to young womanhood to motherhood, and the story of a family rendered dysfunctional by internal conflict.

Exposing the demons resident in family members scarred by internecine strife, these many snapshots of family life are revealed with uncompromising bluntness: A mother’s sense of being betrayed by the children for whom she sacrificed so much; a father ravaged by suspicion of being betrayed by his wife; and a boy seeking some comfort from masturbation, after being thrown out of the family home and into the night by his raging father.

Although House of Tears tells the story of a West Indian family, there is a dark truth that remains largely unspoken. And, it is this: There is a demon (or two, or more) in every family under the sun, whether or not we care to admit it.

Author’s Note: “House of Tears” was launched on Amazon (kindle edition) in April, 2015.


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Sharing my stories with the world. Most of these stories reflect Saint Lucian/Caribbean experiences