Bird over Castries harbor
Bird over Castries harbor

Not too far up,

Against a sun-burnished canopy

Of white cloud and azure sky,

A lone bird rode the wind.

With practiced ease

It teased the current beneath its outstretched wings.

Bank right,

And left.

Then turn in a deft, tightly controlled circle.

Unmatched by anything mechanical,

The feathered virtuoso soared,

Unmindful or uncaring of the chord struck

In the heart of a watching, wistful boy.


Oh, to be thus free…!

Far from the wiles or cares of human family.

Dancing in a light-studded sky of wind and cloud…

Joy unimaginable!

Joy unrestrained!


2 thoughts on “Bird”

    1. Spoken or unspoken, that wish lies in the heart of every one of us. To shake off all cares, worries, and the other weighty things keeping us firmly anchored to Terra firma and fly as naturally as that? Yes! We all wish we could do that.

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