Searching for me

Definition comes early and easily.

The product of his home or community environment,

Keeping company with his peers,

Or the clothes he wears.

This or that is what makes him or made him what he has become…

Characterizations are the norm.


Or shrill fabrications from severed, acrimonious relationships,

Or the ebb and flow of ill-informed

Verbal intercourse

Where words slip in and out of attention-deficit openings.

Sleek, multi-million dollar ads appear

In the media-frenzied air

To tickle an ear

Or raise a primal fear

Of not belonging.

No surprise there…

A spouse,

A brother,

A mother,

A hater,

Are all in on the act of validation.

The confirmation of who you are

Is no longer your responsibility.

It rests with a society of diverse interests

Whose expectations coincide with mass-produced

Alice-in-Wonderland fluctuations in poll numbers, profits, and predictions.

What path to follow?

The one that’s predetermined, of course!

The one that guarantees success while turning you into a living corpse.

The one where hollow assurances

Have made your triple-checked prepared utterances

Creations of vaunted profundity deserving of applause,

While carefully camouflaging their futility.


Submit to your fears.

Join the world of your peers.

Make the easy choices and smile publicly for the camera,

Even as you suffer privately thereafter.

How to go back?

Where to begin?

You’ve become a slave of your own making.

Searching for answers,

Pondering the path not taken,

You remember, so long ago it seems,

That small, gentle voice within.




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