It’s a gay life

Tokes had done the unthinkable. She had imported a commodity from neighboring Barbados into the community that drew a collective gasp from residents. Reflecting amusement, disgust, support, and even envy, the community people’s reactions betrayed how they felt about Tokes’s import. An exporter of mangoes―before the mango weevil put a dent in the lucrative mango export trade―plantains, and other agricultural products to Barbados, Tokes would purchase certain commodities in Barbados with some of the money earned from the sale of her exports, to sell to her Saint Lucian clientele. On that particular occasion, Tokes had decided to throw some Bajan culture into the import mix; she returned to Saint Lucia, and her home, with three gay Bajan men in tow—Aubrey, Darcy, and Collin.

It was deliciously scandalous. From the moment they arrived in the community, the Bajans wasted no time in alerting everyone to their presence. And in record time, residents expressed their feelings on the matter. The older folk were apoplectic. “Can you believe what Tokes has done?” one middle-aged woman inquired of another. “Instead of bringing those strange men here, the woman should put some respect in her backside.”

“A slut will forever remain a slut,” the other responded.

“Boy, dere have some boolers livin’ over dere”, one boy excitedly informed his peers. “Dem fellas come from Barbados. I hear is only boolers Barbados have.”

The men were especially outraged. “Today, Tokes has caused New Village to sink to a new low. We ought to run Tokes and her homosexual friends out of New Village,” a barrel-chested man vented.

“If any one of those guys touches my son, I’ll cut off the stuff that God gave him,” another said.

Author’s note: The preceding is an excerpt from the story, “It’s a gay life” from the novella “New Village”, now on Amazon kindle.






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